IEEE International Microwave Workshop Series on  
"RF Front-ends for Software Defined and Cognitive Radio Solutions"
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The Paper submission Date was changed to: November 09nd , 2009

In February we will have a complete wireless week with several events in Portugal, mainly:

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Aveiro, Portugal February 22-23rd 2010

    Software Defined Radio has already start its way to conquer traditional radio configurations, by moving base band (de)modulators completely to the digital world and thus implementing it by software. Nevertheless, it is expected that Cognitive Radio, CR, will be the next frontier in terms of radio architecture design, in fact the new paradigm that CR can bring to traditional ways to think on radio architectures, is so huge, as it was the transition from Analog to Digital systems.

    CR will allow the optimization of radio spectra occupancy, but also the implementation of the supreme universal radio, that is radios that talk to each other’s no matter the original implementation. But in order to achieve such a new deployment, the radio should be constructed with some form of processing capabilities, which it is not possible with traditional schemes, that processing capabilities arises from some kind of processor that treats the transmitted/received signal in real time, and makes decisions over it. That processing capabilities should be done at the digital counterpart, but also, and most of the time neglected, at the analog part. In fact the main conclusion of the last SDR forum meeting was that the analog part, usually called agile radios, should have a huge research effort in order to implement most of the CR concepts.

    Despite the SDR and CR are mainly driven by the software developments, and the proposal of new algorithms for implementing these approaches, the hardware part of the SDR is a demanding part of the circuit, and actually it can block most of the proposed software solutions if not designed properly.

    The agility of the transceiver architectures, combined with an optimization of radio front ends, is the main objective of this workshop, and will be discussed intensively throughout the several technical sessions and invited speakers during the two day period.

    This conference/workshop is a two day conference where the first day is composed of invited speakers, and the second day is composed of regular submitted papers.

 IT - Aveiro 2009
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Prof. Nuno Borges Carvalho
Instituto de Telecomunicações
Universidade de Aveiro

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